Married 10000₂ Years

Joy shared is twice the joy. Sorrow shared is half the sorrow. (common proverb)

The Earth has orbited the Sun 100002 times since the day Lacey and I day married. The last couple of times around have challenged us and convinced me that Fortune favored me the day she agreed to take me as her husband.


Watched a performance of the musical Rent last night with Lacey at the Smith Center. It’s not my kinda music but damned if it doesn’t pack an emotional punch! Life is messy and hard, and we need to find its beauty where we can.

Jiu Jitsu on the Brain

I haven’t been to jiu jitsu in months (jobless and can’t justify the expense of gym fees and travel), but it’s still very much on my mind. This morning, I dreamt that I had a bully in a rear naked choke. I went to put my hooks in and ended up IRL kneeing Lacey in the butt. ?